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Five (5) Good Reasons to Use an Insurance Broker

Posted By : RonLum | Date : May 08, 2017

‘Insurance’ we hear the word used frequently and it has become part of the vocabulary in a lot of professions and situations these days.

You can insure just about anything you want nowadays. An artist insures his hands and tools of the trade, a model can insure her slender long legs, and a singer might seek insurance for his melodic voice.

Here’s a noteworthy fact or two on the subject. Madonna's iconic breasts and Keith Richards' guitar hands are rumoured to be insured for two (2) million dollars each. At the height of his professional football career, David Beckham had his legs insured for a whopping 70 million dollars! Julia Roberts' pearly white smile is said to be worth a cool 30 million dollars (and a thousand words), and Australia's home grown pop sensation, Kylie Minogue, apparently has her ship-shapely butt insured for a comfortable five (5) million dollars.

In a world where the unknown loiters and chance can sometimes hit you in the face faster than a flying Frisbee at a dog park, why would you take the risk of not providing protection against a possible eventuality? This my friend, is what insurance is all about.

People appear to be getting busier and more bogged down with life's challenges and tasks. Working hours are longer and play time seems much shorter. So, who has time to saunter through the myriad of companies screaming for your business, or even get a chance to look at their own insurance needs? It's one of those affairs that is often just renewed and ignored till the next bill cycle shows up, or it's one of those things that get the "I'll do tomorrow" treatment. Yet half of us are still waiting to meet tomorrow.

This is where the services of an insurance broker can help.

Insurance brokers are a dependable bunch of trained experts, primed with knowledge to get the most out of individual, everyday coverage situations. Brokers thrive on all things insurance and will extract the detail out of fine print, and out of your head, to present you with tailored insurance coverage for any situation.

Following are our top five (5) reasons why you should use an insurance broker to look after your insurance essentials.

1. Expert knowledge
Having the right insurance for your needs is vital. Lucky for us, insurance brokers live and breathe insurance and it's something they get pretty excited about actually. Providing recommendations for insurance is what they do, and do well.

You can't be expected to know everything you should look for on your insurance policies. For example, does your extension require a special builders' insurance? Is your home in an area with a flood mitigation plan in place already or do you need extra flood cover for the one in 10-year flood? Do you need public liability insurance for your income stream, etc.? Underinsurance or incorrect coverage is risky business and can lead to major problems down the road. An insurance broker will know the answers quicker than you can say... Sorry, I've just been beaten to it.

2. More bang for your buck
Insurance brokers not only have better bargaining power with the insurance companies, they also know what to look for on your policy that can potentially save you some extra milk money.

A broker can negotiate and customise insurance policies for you, and even if they don't work for free (what is free these days?), this can save you money and a lot of heartache at the end of the day. Brokers have nothing to hide and will disclose their fees so you are aware of just how much you are paying for their tailored and professional help, before you go ahead and sign anything.

3. Peace of mind
It is a good feeling when you have just left the dentist after your regular check-up, scale and clean, right? You can gain this feeling of assurance after you've had an expert look after your insurance needs too. With the help from an insurance broker, you can rest easy that you have everything cross-checked, your risk assessment completed, and that your check-up was a success.

4. Remain ahead of the game
Businesses face an ever-changing world and, unfortunately, along with evolution comes the fruition of nasties too. With issues like cybercrimes on the rise, insurance brokers are trained to be at the forefront of risks and coverage across a modern-day society. Would you really know the ins and outs?

5. A friend at your time of need
Should anything happen and you need to make a claim against your insurance, an insurance broker will be your trouble-free journeyman on the road to re-build. They will take the stress out of the claims process and be there to hold your colloquial hand.

Unlike going direct to an insurance company, an insurance broker will evaluate your needs as a unique case, tailor packages specifically, and present you with the best possible outcome for the best possible price. 

Although it might look tempting to forge ahead direct, insurance companies are not in a position to recommend insurance offerings for individual circumstances. Coverage should be treated on a case by case arrangement to make certain of a personalised, risk-free result. That is a specialised job for a specialist insurance broker.

If you are still not convinced, or perhaps are convinced enough, give our list of insurance brokers a scan and get in touch with one of our experts for an obligation-free quote. You simply can’t expect reassurance if it’s not done by broker insurance.

We have an insurance broker perfect to tailor your requirements - you just need to make your tomorrow now!

For further details, information and to find an insurance broker that is right for you, please visit us online at Our online marketplace is accessible all day and offers insurance coverage for all types of situations. 

Compare with confidence. Evaluate with knowledge. Commission with certainty.

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